Australia celebrates a clean sweep of classes at the 2023 IWWF World Water Ski Racing Championships.

 Australian Skiers and their teams etched themselves into the history books at the 22nd Champions of the World:


Junior Girls

Skier – Leilani Cartledge

Driver – Alex Handley

Observer – Ryan Wridgway

Boat – Gro Up F2


Junior Boys 

Skier – Kohdi Cartledge

Driver – Darren Hitchcock

Observer – Jason Cartledge

Boat – Speed Lab 


F2 Women 

Skier – Emma Barnes

Driver – Jacob Hinterholzl,

Observer – Sam Perry

Boat – HiJact 


Open Women 

Skier – Nellie McMillan

Driver – David McMillan

Observer – Brett Armstrong

Boat – StrikeF1


F2 Men

Skier – Brendan Tidswell

Driver – Matthew Smith

Observer – Ben Casey

Boat – The Dragon 


Open Men

Skier – Carter Robertson

Driver – Brent Wisemantle

Observer – Evan Wooldridge

Boat – Team 50 F1


Australia took home the Teams Championship from the United States in 2nd Place.


It was an incredible four days of racing and Congrats goes out to all of the Australian competitors who showcased to the World that ski racing the Australian way creates World Champions.