A Message From The CEO and Information regarding the Proposed 2021 Mini Season

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Proposed 10-Event Mini-Season

With state borders now opened SRA, the Affiliated Clubs, and many members (who have agreed in principle to donate funds for meeting the insurance costs) have all been working together in an attempt to organise 10 events over a shortened 5 month season.

The board is pleased to announce the likelihood of Ski Racing Australia getting back on the water in early 2021 is now looking like a real possibility. The board has conducted several meetings in order to ascertain the key benefits and goals of the proposal and the new 10-Event Mini-Season. Key objectives have been identified as:

  • Strengthening the financial position of Ski Racing Australia to ensure long term viability of the organisation
  • Assessing opportunities to bring more members into the sport through the discounting of membership levies
  • Assess the financial and safety risks involved with the running of the proposed mini-season

 The Proposal

A group of Ski Racing Australia members approached the board with the proposal to donate an amount to money to cover the insurance costs for a shortened 10-event season that covers the period February to June. The insurance cost has been identified for this mini-season to be $280,000.

 The Plan

Below is a detailed outline of the boards plans in order to assess the viability of the mini-season and the roadmap to the first event.

  1. Release of member survey – Members will receive a survey on Wednesday 2 December 2020. Survey questions will cover members appetite for the mini-season and the proposed 10 events that will be conducted. This survey will close at 5pm Sunday 6 December 2020. The survey will be conducted through Survey Monkey so we ask all members to check their junk email folder.
  2. Results will be collated by SRA staff and a report prepared for the board meeting to be held Wednesday 9 December 2020. If the results of the survey indicate that we can meet our objectives then we will proceed to the following steps:
  3. Ski Racing Australia will open a separate bank account for the donation of funds by the members, specifically and only for the payment of the insurance policy. There is approximately $190,000 currently pledged towards covering the insurance cost of $280,000.
  4. Confirm all event dates.
  5. Initiate the Insurance Policy.
  6. Go racing from February. 

Proposed Event Calendar



 Membership Fees

Ultimately the number of members that indicate they will take up memberships and attend events will determine by how much we can discount memberships. Our aim is to offer a minimum 20% discount off the original proposed 2020/21 season fees.


Maximum Membership Fees

SRA 2020-21 10-Event Mini-Season Proposed Membership Fees (20% Discount of std) Unlimited Inboard & Superclass Open (General) 70MPH/U12 60MPH/U10/Disabled
Skier/Driver/Observer $1,150 $1,100 $942 $499
Junior $496 $474 $287 $203
Family $2,080 $1,848 $1,578 $812
Boat $1,824 $1,742 $1,447 $767
2nd Boat $912 $871 $723 $384


There will be no discounted membership offers for the proposed mini-season. Those members with multi-year deals (e.g. Back 2 Racing) will have those agreements honoured from the 2021-22 Season.


Membership Finance

Members who are unable to pay their entire membership up-front will be able to pay by instalments starting with 50% at the time of registration, and the remaining 50% can be paid off in equal monthly instalments between the registration month and June. Examples:

  1. if you pay 50% in January, you will pay 10% each following month including June.
  2. If you pay 50% in March, you will pay 17% each following month including June.

Note: a fixed $150 Admin Fee will apply to all instalment based membership payments.




Membership Credits

If the season is cut short membership credits will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, whilst also accounting for any insurance settlements and excess payments relevant to the events already held, and applied to each members account for the 2021-2022 season.


Our aim is to provide everyone with a definitive answer by mid-December. Thanks for your patience.


Cam McConville


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