A message to members from the Independent Chair

Much has been said lately of the need for resilience in the face of headwinds and like many of our colleagues and other sporting organisations the past few months have proved challenging.

All of the board of Ski Racing Australia (myself, Ben Casey, Andrew Donehue, Don Gulley , Jon Horbury and Kris Pogorelec) met for the first time last week under our new Independent Chair structure.  There is a good amount of work being done around the new constitution, including identifying where the board could benefit from additional skill-sets.  This will assist the board in the identification and recruitment of one or more additional independent directors.

A key priority for the SRA board and management right now is preparing for a return to racing as each of the states and territories start what we hope will be a progressive return to pre-Covid-19 activities, including sporting events, so your SRA board members will be looking for feedback from state and territory representatives for issues and opportunities that we need to be tackling.

We know that one of the key deliverables for our planning meeting will be a racing schedule which can hopefully be firmed up or expanded as restrictions ease.  Another key element of that is our own financial viability as an organisation.  Quite a number of members have outstanding membership fees and payment of these fees will be important for SRA so if you do have outstanding fees, please pay them..!

I will be back in touch with you in a couple of weeks after the Board planning day when I will be able to give you a further member update, including of course, a proposed schedule for ski races over the next 12 months.


All the best

Rowena McNally

Independent Chair

11 May 2020


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