Race Safe price increase

Great to see everyone starting to get back out on the water so far this year, we hope you’re all enjoying yourselves and brushing up on your skills in the series type events as we get close to our first classic post Christmas.

Unfortunately and despite doing our best to reduce cost to participate, we have some sturdy news regarding the increased cost of race safe units that needs sharing.

The motor racing sector has experienced a sharp rise in racing incidents over the previous two years of racing and as a result, CAMS are now mandating Race Safe units in all levels of Targa and Rally races. This has seen a huge increase in demand for these units, followed by a large increase in Race Safe pricing.

As such, members will notice a significant increase in their Race Safe rental within entry fee’s for Classic Races (where Race Safe is required), from approximately $145 per unit, to $230.00 per unit for the weekend.

The board of SRA has formed a small working committee to better understand how we should go racing with Race Safe safety type units in the future and what opportunities lie in front of us to reduce this cost, albeit we do not see any potential reduction in the first half of our season.

The board will also bring forward our strategic plan on pricing, ‘to phase out boat levies over the next 3 years’, by reducing boat levies for Classic races for this season, down to $40.00 per boat.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy your racing.

Regards SRA and Major event holders

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