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Membership Structure

The 2021/2022 membership fees have been based on speed being the determinate factor. We have analysed 8 years’ worth of historical accident claims history to back up this. There will be a 8 tier membership platform as well as a 1/2/3 event membership. Currently we are only releasing information on Tiers 1-7. Please note that tiers are not class specific but purely based on the peak speed that you will compete at.


Membership Forms

These will be sent out to members the week starting 21 June 2021


Early Bird Discount

We are offering approximately a 10% discount for those that pay memberships early. The exact cut-off date will be included in membership forms


Boat Levy

Boat levy for 2021/2022 season will be

Series Days             $20 per boat

State Titles              $30 per boat

Majors                      $50 per boat

There is a 3 year plan to phase out boat levies, should we hit our membership targets.


Insurance – Public Liability

As many of you are aware we had 3 options for public liability insurance

Option 1 – Full cover including Member to Member Insurance – Unlimited events – Cost $850,000

Option 2 – Full cover including Member to Member Insurance – Capped at 24 events nationwide – Cost $670,000

Option 3 – Public liability insurance, however removing Member to Member Insurance – Unlimited events – Cost $450,000

Due to the costs restraints a unanimous decision of the board and also heads of clubs and states voted with option 3. A full education process with members to advise what your insurance covers will commence after membership email out


Insurance – Personal Accident

Personal accident insurance is capped at $50,000.


Insurance – Income Protection

This has been reduced to a cap of $750 per week for weeks 1-13 and $500 per week for weeks 14-26. Previously this had been capped at $750 per week for 52 weeks.


SRA Administration

SRA has just employed Di Diamantopoulos to the role of administration & memberships on a part time basis. This will ensure timely delivery and processing of your membership renewals. The board welcomes Di to the role.


SRA Calendar

Final calendar to be released early next week


Feeder Clubs

Mark Stephenson and Jon Horbury will continue the consultation phase with these clubs over the next 2 weeks. Our long term plan is to try and unite the sport back under 1 banner. Updates will be provided on this in due course


1/2/3 Event memberships

This membership is to try and encourage new members or people that have been out of the sport for a couple of years


Covid Plan

Our full Covid plan is nearing finalisation. We have seen historically that lockdowns are only lasting a period of 2 weeks. We are therefore going to work with major events to plan alternative dates should a lockdown occur. We have also been in contact with the insurer that has advised they will offer a refund, should we need to cancel our season at any stage. The level of refund will depend on events run and pending claims history. This will be passed onto members. Please pass on that our plan is to shuffle events, with season cancellation a last resort.


Membership Fees

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