An in-boat status awareness system is a critical requirement for ensuring that we continue to race safely, particularly in our classic river race events.

Over the past 9 months Ski Racing Australia has been developing a new status awareness system to provide the same functions that RaceSafe H2O1 did.

The new system is called RaceLive SR and its key points of difference are:

  1. RaceLive SR utilises an Android app that runs on a mobile device.
  2. Members will each own their RaceLive SR device and be responsible for it at all times and will be able to sell their unit to another member should they choose.
  3. Spectators can freely access the RaceLive SR portal, from either mobile phones or desktop devices, to track teams as they compete in events.

Click on the information Sheet below for further details   

RaceLive SR Information Sheet

As there was with RaceSafe H20 there will be a per Event fee of $135.00 to cover the cost of having RaceLive staff at each event, setup of the event itself in the RaceLive SR system, the network data that we use, the server that we maintain to run the back office and viewing portal.