RaceSafe H2O

Link to order Fitting Kit, Fitting Kit instructions and Antenna Placement

Tracking – Q&A Doc with Fitting Kit Instructions

RaceSafe H20 and Ski Racing Australia continue its partnership for the 2021 /2022 Season.

All boats participating in major events will need to have a kit installed.

See below the information on purchasing and installing the fitting kit, along with links to the RaceSafe H2O website and a tutorial on how the system works.

Updated information regarding placement of Racesafe Antenna, please read H2O Antenna Placement

UPDATE - just cannot drill a hole in the deck ? We have an alternative.

RaceSafe H2O is a quantum leap forward in several areas of risk management, that have been identified by our Insurers and Marine Transport departments alike, as areas that need to be addressed by the sport to ensure our ability to obtain permits to race, especially in the longer river classics.

RaceSafe H2O provides each participating boat with a remarkable piece of electronic tracking equipment that provides race control with accurate up to the second data on each and every team including:

  • Exactly where they are on the race course;
  • What speed they’re doing at that moment, average speeds and speeds at a specific location;
  • What boats are approaching any other boat from behind and therefore what boats are reaching boats in front of them;
  • Maximum speed for speed restricted competitors and classes, where the RaceSafe H20 unit will track the speeds and immediately notify both the boat and race control where the speed cap has been exceeded;
  • Where there is an incident, and a team requires assistance, a pin point rescue position can be provided to course boats and emergency services, with the ability to communicate to the team as to whether they have stopped because of an accident or possibly mechanical failure and in the case of a team’s failure to respond back to Race Control, an alert can be sent to the next boat to take the necessary actions and get the information back to Race Control to initiate the proper response.



  • Buy a RaceSafe H20 “Everything you need” Fitting Kit from www.racesafeH2O.com.au;
  • Install RaceSafe H20 Fitting Kit in your boat prior to the first event, following the instructions provided, installation is not included in the fitting kit cost;
  • Enter any classic event and pay the required boat levy and fees,
  • Collect your RaceSafe H20 Unit from the RaceSafe H20 Tent at racepack collection prior to event;
  • RaceSafe H20 will become operational on event days once you are in at the event area;
  • Race with the RaceSafe H20 Unit; Read here how the unit works RaceSafeH2O Operation – Updated 21.08.18
  • Return the RaceSafe H20 Unit to the RaceSafe H20 Tent at the Finish Line.

Click Here for RaceSafe H2O Fitting Kit Instructions – V 1.3